Afternoon tea places in Europe

High Tea at W Hotel in London

Enjoy some afternoon high tea at W Hotel in London to relax from shopping and sightseeing. The lounge is spacious and with large sofas and the staff very pleasant. You’ll be served a great portion of sanwiches and tasty scones and fulfilling sweets to finish the meal off. Afternoon tea menu at W Hotel The afternoon tea menu at W Hotel is nice and you will not leave the lounge hungry.

Afternoon Tea at Regent Hotel in Berlin

Spend quiet time enjoying Afternoon Tea at Regent Hotel in Berlin, Germany. Regent Hotel offers a great experience with lovey staff making sure you enjoy a tasty tea time in their Lobby & Tea Lounge. The atmosphere is awesome, fit in a small room on the ground floor are lovely cosy furniture and small tables set for a perfect experience wiht a fireplace and piano music. Relax and enjoy the

Afternoon tea at Grand Hotel in Stockholm

The Afternoon tea at Grand hotel in Stockholm, Sweden is luxouroious. Make sure to make a reservation when in Stockholm, the capital of Scandiavia, at Cardierbaren and enjoy the sea view that comes along. The atmosphere is great, the staff wellinformed and service minded. Like they should be at a five star hotel. With a waterfront view and cosy sofas to relax towards you wont want to leave very soon.

Afternoon tea at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm

A visit for Afternoon tea at Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm results in a full belly. The restaurant where the tea is served is called T/Bar. Make a reservation prior to the visit if you like but usually you can get a table onsite. The atmosphere is okay, a big loud due to families stopping by at the restaurant which also serves brunch and dinner. The Afternoon Tea consists of tasty